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Lucia Engstrom - Artists + Designers - Hostler Burrows

Born to Scandinavian parents and raised amid the vibrant textiles and folk art of Sweden, Russia and China during the 1980s and 1990s, the artist and photographer Lucia Engstrom has been immersed in a world of visual wonder from a young age. Drawing inspiration from her nomadic upbringing, her work embodies the cross-cultural connections that define her unique vision. Engstrom’s artistic journey has been profoundly influenced by her exposure to the landscapes, patterns, and rich cultural heritage of the places she has called home. 

Engstrom's work is characterized by a strong sense of composition and a deep respect for the natural world. Her images are imbued with an undeniable creative energy, capturing the essence of her subjects while transcending the mere representation of form. Through her lens, Engstrom's images act as a visual diary, documenting her ongoing exploration of the world, weaving a compelling narrative through her photography, meticulously embroidering each image to break from the confines of a two-dimensional plane. Her work encapsulates a harmonious union of traditional art forms and innovative techniques. Engstrom invites the viewer to explore a world informed by her Scandinavian heritage and the diverse cultures that have shaped her artistic vision.



2024           Von Lintel Gallery, Santa Monica, CA (Forthcoming)
2023           PHOTOFAIRS NY, Von Lintel Gallery, New York, NY
                   Hostler Burrows, New York, NY
2019-2023  Comerford Collection, Bridgehampton, NY
                   Alexa Hampton Interiors, Launch of Collection
2017           Jeff Lincoln, Art & Design, Southampton, NY
2014-2016  Comerford Collection, Bridgehampton, NY
2015           Alexa Hampton Interiors -10 Year Anniversary Launch
                   Art Hamptons, Bridgehampton, NY
                   Art Southampton, Watermill, NY
                   Palm Springs Art Fair, Palm Springs, CA
                   Free Arts, New York, NY
2014           Free Arts, New York, NY
                   Art Hamptons, Bridgehampton, New York, NY
                   Hampton Decorator Showhouse: Celerie Kemble; Sag Harbor, NY
                   Affordable Art Fair, New York, NY
                   Vogelsang Gallery, New York, NY

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