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MARTA PALMIERI (Italian, b. 1973)

Marta Palmieri’s ceramic works are characterized by the combination of painting and clay, honoring the nature of earth in its simplest expressions. Reflecting the environment through color, texture, and shadow, she pays homage to both the natural world around her while also embracing the inherent elements of her material.

With a focus on compositional balance as well as juxtaposition of line and texture, Palmieri uses refractory clays shaped from slabs to create her lightweight compositions. She uses multiple finishing techniques, layering glazes, oxidization, and etching to achieve varied, dynamic surfaces. Palmieri often places her objects in groupings, challenging perceptions of balance and gravity by arranging them in seemingly-precarious stacks.

Palmieri has an extensive background in the arts; she studied visual art and architecture before attending the Fine Art Academy of Urbino, where she focused on painting, drawing, and sculpture. Her work has been exhibited widely in galleries, museums, and competitions both within Italy and internationally. Her sculptures are featured in public collections and museums around the world. 


Lives and works in Ancona, Italy
Born 1973, Italy

1997    Fine Arts Academy of Urbino, Italy Degree in Sculpture
1994    Vocational postgraduate course certificate in Art Printer (lithography,
                 silk screen, xylography, punta secca, technique), Ancona, Italy
1992    Highschool of Arts Edgardo Mannucci, Italy Artistic high School
1990    Highschool of Arts Edgardo Mannucci, Italy master's degree in art,
                 architecture and furnishing section

2017    Marta Palmieri – Ceramiche, Design Art Gallery Brocanelli, Serra
                 Dei Conti, Italy
            Marta Palmieri – Installations, Festival NotteNera, Serra Dei Conti, Italy
                 Senigallia, (AN) Italy
2012    Marta Palmieri - SCULTURE, curated by Giancarlo Bojani,
                 Societadellapietra, Senigallia (AN), Italy
2010    Marta Palmieri, Contemporaneo Design Art Gallery, Jesi (AN), Italy
2008    Marta Palmieri, Mole Vanvitelliana, Ancona(AN), Italy
2007    CERAMICHE rettorato, Ancona, Italy

2018    To Ideal Lamd of Ceramics: Exhibition of International Contemporary
                 Ceramic Works, Tsinghua University Art Museum, China
            Designing Women 2, Egg Collective, New York, NY
            Zanotta: Achille Castiglioni 100th, Museo della città and Zanotta,
                 Ancona, Italy
            Salone del Mobile Milano, Flexform Stand, Milano, Italy
            FOG Design + Art, Hostler Burrows, San Francisco, CA
2017    New Ceramic Artists, Hostler Burrows, New York, NY
            ExtraMurum curated by Marco Maria Polloniato e Fabiola Scremin,
                 Asolo (TV), Italy
            ExtraMurum, 15th Ceramic fair, Montelupofiorentino, Italy curated by
                 Marco Maria Polloniato e Fabiola Scremin
            ExtraMurum, contemporary art in villa, curated by Marco Maria
                 Polloniato e Fabiola Scremin, Villa Caldogno Andrea Palladio,
                 Vicenza, Italy
2016    OMAGGIO AD ALBISSOLA X Review international artists
                 contemporary, Albissola Marina, Italy
2015    TERRAE, La ceramica nell’informale e nella ricerca contemporanea,
                 curated by Lorenzo Fiorucci, Municipal Art Gallery, Vitelli Palace,
                 Città di Castello (PG), Italy
            ON THE SPOT/ROVINE,installations of contemporary art site specific,
                 curated by Michele Gentile, Archeological Area Helvia Ricina, Villa
                 Potenza, Macerata (AN), Italy
2010    OTTO SCULTRICI IN FORTEZZA, Bastione San Gallo, curated by
                 Giancarlo Bojani, Fano (PU), Italy
                 E PRATICHE IN UNA, Dailininku Sajungos Gallery,
                 Vilnius LITUANIA, Sponsored by the Italian Institute of
                 Culture in Vilnius curated by Giancarlo Bojani
            AR(t)CEVIA international art festival, Arcevia (AN), Italy
2009    AR(t)CEVIA international art festival, Arcevia (AN), Italy
2008    Metodo Effe, Mole Vanvitelliana (AN),Italy
1999    Art Gallery Gioacchini, Ancona, (AN), Italy
1997    Laboratori paralleli, exhibition designer Raffaello Scianca Professor of
                 sculpture at the Fine Arts Academy of Urbino, Cattolica, (PS), Italy
1996    Cavoleto 96, exhibition designer, curated by Giovanni Prosperi,
                 Treia, (MC), Italy

2017    CERAMICAPPIGNANO 3th Competition Ceramics, Appignano(MC), Italy.
            MANISES 13th International Biennial of Ceramic’s, Valencia,Spagna (catalog).
            AVEIRO 13th Biennial Ceramics. Aveiro, Portugal (catalog).
            CERCO-ARAGON 15th International Prize of Contemporary Ceramics,
                 Zaragoza, Spagna (catalog)
2015    Prize Baccio da Montelupo, Prize International Art Ceramics, Montelupo
                 Fiorentino, (FI) Italy.
            59th PREMIO FAENZA, International Ceramics Museum, Faenza,
                 Italy (catalog)
            5th COMPETITION LUCIO DE MARIA, Torino, ITALY (catalog)
2013    58th PREMIO FAENZA, International Ceramics Museum, Faenza,
                 Italy (catalog)
2012    CELESTE PRIZE, Italy (signalled)
            32th CICA, International Competition de Ceramica, Alcora, Spain (Catalog)
1998    “Arti visive2” Genova, Italy
1997    SPINETOLI 97 Sculpture competition, Macerata, Italy (highly acclaimed)

2017    Encouragement prize, ICAA Competition, BLANCHE DE CHINE,
                 International Ceramic Prize, Lyon, France
2016    Special citation 10th International Contemporary Artists Review,
                 Albissola, (SV), Italy
                 Grottaglie, (TA), Italy
2013    Honorable mention, 2th KINA KAOLIN GRAN PRIX Jingdezhen, China
2013    Winner of 5th TRIENNALE DELLA CERAMICA D’ESTE, Este, (PD) Italy.
2009    Second prize, 4th Competition of Contemporary Ceramic Art, Pesaro, Italy.
1995    Winner of sculpture, PRIZE Edgardo Mannucci, Arcevia, Italy.
1994    Winner of PRIZE PIERO GUIDI, Pesaro, Italy.

Ceramics Museum Averio, Portogallo, Italy
Ceramics industrial Heritage Museum, Jingdezhen, China
Ceramic Museum of Alcora, Alcora, Spagna
Museum Palazzo Toschi of Pesaro, Italy
Episcopio Castle, ceramics museum Grottaglie (TA), Italy
Handicraft academy foundation Este (PD), ITALY
Brunori Palace, collection art works Giancarlo Bojani, Corinaldo (AN), ITALY

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