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Pekka Paikkari - Artists + Designers - Hostler Burrows

Paikkari in his studio, Helsinki

Pekka Paikkari (Finnish, b. 1960) is a Helsinki-based ceramic artist renowned primarily for his large-scale wall sculptures, unique objects and versatile utility ware, and monumental public installations. Using clay as his primary material, Pekkari’s works blur the lines between fine art, design, and traditional craft. His expert use of the medium provides enigmatic imagery creating an analogy for both the human condition–displaying great strength and fragility in equal measure–as well as the passing of time registering as either permanent and ever-evolving, or ephemeral. Paikkari has made a thorough study of the technical properties of clay and employs it in evocative ways. For instance, he developed a unique technique for drying clay. Although the web-like, fractured surface of dried clay is the outcome of a natural process, the artist controls it in order to obtain the desired pattern. Only then are the clay elements fired in the kiln. The process could be described as controlled chaos.

Paikkari studied at the Kuopio Academy of Handicrafts and Industrial Design and has been a member of the Arabia Art Department Society since 1983. His work is included in many prestigious museum collections including the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, the Ceramics Museum of Barcelona, and the Shigaraki Museum of Contemporary Ceramic Art in Japan, among others.


Pekka Paikkari's "Parallel Entropy" for Ymmärretty / Surroundings

Tuukka Koski, Director
Niko Henttonen, Producer


Born 1960, Somero, Finland

2000-03  Cultural Production and Management Degree, Humanities Polytechnic,
                 Turku, Finland
1978-83  Design Academy, Kuopio, Finland
1977-78  Orivesi institute, Finland                             

2019    Ymmärretty / Surroundings, Hostler Burrows, New York, NY
2015    ArtTag Gallery, Helsinki, Finland
            Lost and Found, Gallery Sculptor, Helsinki, Finland
2008    Points of Fracture, Gallery Be19, Helsinki, Finland
2007    Attempting to go over the Mountains, Gallery Katariina, Helsinki, Finland
2006    The Neverending, ArsNova & AboaVetus, Museum of Contemporary
                 Art, Turku, Finland
2005    Lost Dialogue, Artborg 35, Sipoo, Finland
2004    I remember, Sculptures, Arabia Ceramic Factory Museum, Helsinki,
            Cataracta, Aralis Library Gallery, Helsinki, Finland
2003    The Stage, Ceramic Sculptures, Lume-centre, Helsinki, Finland
2002    Konturen in Zeit und Raum, Rastatt, Germany (together with Mrs.
                 Kaarina Kaikkonen)
2001    Brick Makers House, Hå Gamle Prestegård, Stavanger, Norway
            Keramikk, Kunstnersenter, Stavanger, Norway
            Monumentalles und Serielles, Hetjens Museum, Dusseldorf, Germany
1999    Bottles, Ceramic Sculptures, Nordiska Kristall, Stockholm, Sweden
1999    Brick Makers House, Design Museum, Helsinki, Finland
1995    Light & Shadow, ceramic sculptures, Arabia Museum, Helsinki, Finland
            Light & Shadow, ceramic design, Design Forum, Helsinki, Finland
1994    Gallery Bremer, Karkkila, Finland (together with Mr. Jukka Vikberg)
1992    Ceramics, Kluuvi Gallery, Helsinki, Finland (together with Mr.
                 Sang-Ho Jeon)
            Karborundum, Arabia Museum, Helsinki, Finland
1989    Gallery Pinotheca, Jyväskylä, Finland
1988    Ceramics, Gallery Bronda, Helsinki, Finland
1985    Varjostuksia, Arabia-Nuutajärvi Shop, Helsinki, Finland

2024     Aether, Kunstcentret Silkeborg Bad, Silkeborg
            Paratiisi (Paradise), Kuopio Art Museum, Kuopio, Finland
2023    Northern Latitude 60.20890: The Arabia Art Department Society’s 20th
                Anniversary Exhibition
, Iittala & Arabia Design Centre, Helsinki, Finland
2020    FOG Design + Art, Hostler Burrows, San Francisco, CA
2019    Arabia Art Department in Tampere, Finlayson Art Area, Finland
            Sasama, ICAF, Japan
            FInnish Aalto, Busan Art Museum, South Korea
            Secret of the Paradise, Iittala Arabia Design Centre, Finland
            Design Miami / Basel, Hostler Burrows, Basel, Switzerland
            Etats de Matiere, Gallery Le Don du Fel, France
            Perspectives, Iittala Arabia Design Centre, Finland
            TEFAF New York Spring, Hostler Burrows, New York, NY
            reCLAYmed, Berg Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden
2018    Ceramics Now: The Faenza Prize is 80 years old, Museo Internazionale
                 delle Ceramiche in Faenza, Italy
            Design Miami / Basel, Hostler Burrows, Basel, Switzerland
            FOG Design + Art, Hostler Burrows, San Francisco, CA
2017    Design Miami, Hostler Burrows, Miami, FL
            New Ceramic Artists, Hostler Burrows, New York, NY
2015    Suomen lasi elää, Finnish Glass Museum, Riihimäki, Finland
            9SEASONS, Embassy of Finland, Washington D.C
2014    Helsinki Fat Clay, Gallery Arabia, Designmuseum, Helsinki, Finland
            Helsinki Fat Clay, Gallery Marianne Heller Heidelberg, Germany
            Keramiikan tila, Designmuseum, Helsinki, Finland
            Rajapinnat, Kuparipaja, Fiskars, Finland
2013    Pihatontut joulutorilla, Design Museum, Arabia, Finland
            Kattaillen, Design Forum, Helsinki, Finland
            VALEUR REFUGE, Sevres Ceramic Museum, France                      
            International Biennale of Ceramics, Faenza, Italy                 
            Juhlat, Nuutajärvi
            Gumbostrand, Summer exhibition, Sipoo
            International Ceramic Biennale, Manises, Spain
2012    Arabia Art Department, Design Museum, Arabia, Finland
            Puusoi!, ProPuu gallery, Lahti
            VALEUR REFUGE, Foundation Bernardaud, Limoges, France
            Metamofose, Lahti Art Museum, Finland
            Helsinki Fat Clay, Faenza Ceramic Museum, Italy
            Helsinki Fat Clay, Officiale Saffi Gallery, Milan, Italy
            ArtHelsinki, Helsinki
2011    Finland in Cheongju International Craft Biennale, Korea
            ArtHelsinki, Helsinki
            Fire&Ice, Gallery Marianne Heller, Germany
            Fire&Ice, Ceramic Museum,Westerwald, Germany
            ArtHelsinki, Helsinki
2009    Art by Design, Galerie Forsblom, Helsinki, Finland
            Arabia 135, Jyväskylä, Finland 
            Arabia Art Department, Grimmerhus Ceramic Museum, Danmark
            Summer Exhibition, Villa Roosa, Orimattila, Finland
            Hard Rocks, Sculptures in South Harbour, Helsinki, Finland
            Ceramics from Finland, Galerie Besson, England
            Marl Hole, Airspace Gallery, Staffordshire, England
            ArtHelsinki2008, Helsinki
            SOFA, Chicago, Gallery Norsu
2008    Jeespoks, ProPuu Gallery, Lahti, Finland
            Everyday Life, Gallery Norsu, Helsinki, Finland
            Tulessa syntynyt, Fiskars, Finland
            Keramiikan kevät, Galerie Oljemark, Helsinki, Finland
            Rantagalleria, Lahti, Finland
            Everyday Life, Gallery Artisin, Jyväskylä, Finland
            Arabia 135, Design Museum, Helsinki, Finland
            OTTO, Vantaa Art Museum, Finland
            Palm Peach, Florida, Galerie Besson
            Collect, London, Gallery Norsu
            ArtHelsinki2008, Helsinki
2007    27th International Ceramic Exhibition of l’Alcora, Spain
            Summer Exhibition, Galerie Besson, London, England
            International Ceramic Biennale, Manises, Spain
            SOFA, Chicago, Galerie Besson
2006    Six Rooms, Art Factory, Porvoo, Finland
            European Ceramic Context, Bornholm, Danmark
            ClayInDusTry, Guldagergaar, Danmark
            Places of Arrival and Departure, The Regional Exhibition of Greater
                 Helsinki, Finland
            SET, ForumBox, Helsinki, Finland
2005    The Arabia Ceramic Factorys Artist`s, The Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural
                 Park, Japan
            Strata: New Perspectives on Ceramics from Scandinavia and The United
                 States, Skulpturens hus, Sweden
            ArtSibbe, Sipoo, Finland
            Ronnebaeksholm Kunst- og Kulturcenter, Naestved, Danmar
2004    Ceramics 2004, Fiskars, Finland
            Street Gallery 2004, Huittinen, Finland
            In Praise of Silence, Lappeenranta Art Museum, Finland
2003    Pro Arabia Art Finland, Form and Design Center, Malmö, Sweden
            Finchin perilliset, Design Museum, Helsinki, Finland
            Retro, Fiskars, Finland
            The shape between continuity and innovation, Faenza, Italy
            Keramiek, Kunsthuis Ingrith Desmet, Belgium
            Pisaroita, Karkkila, Finland
            Sculptural thoughts, Finnish-Norway Culture Institute, Oslo,
                 Norway (OICS2003)
            HEHKU, Kankaanpää, Finland, Outdoor Fire Sculpture Project
            ArtSibbe, Sipoo, Finland
2002    National Museum of Decorative Arts, Trondheim, Norway
            Alumni, Art Museum, Kuopio, Finland
            FinnDesign now, Design Forum, Helsinki
            Pro Arabia Art Finland, Arabia Museum, Helsinki, Finland
            IAC, member exhibition, Greece
2001    Biennale de Ceramique contemporaire de Chateauroux, France
            WOCEK, International Ceramic Design Exhibition (ICD), Korea
            IAC, member exhibition, Korea
            Metallit 2001, Fiskars, Finland
            Six ceramists from Finland, Gallery Mokkumto, Seoul, Korea
2000    Arabia Artists at Retretti, Retretti Art Centre, Punkaharju, Finland
            Six Ceramists from Finland, Höganäs Museum, Sweden
            Nordic Ceramics, Assens, Danmark
            Suomen lasi elää 4, Finnish glass Museum, Riihimäki, Finland
            ArtSibbe, Sipoo, Finland
            Uusinta / Paper Art Gallery 10 years, Kuusankoski, Finland
1999    Arabia 125 years, Ambiente 1999, Frankfurt, Germany
            The Nordic Transparency, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands
            International ceramic biennale, Manises, Spain
1998    Kalmar 600 years, Outdoor workshop & exhibition, Sweden
            Quatre ceramistes finlandesos, Ceramic Museum, Barcelona, Spain
            Shigaraki Ceramic Museum, Japan
            Savesta syntynyt, exhibition of contemporary ceramics, Fiskars, Finland
            Finnish Design 10 - The Turn of the Millennium, Design Forum Finland,
                 Helsinki, Finland
            Nature as Object, Craft and Design triennale, Perth, Western Australia
            Light and Shadow, Special exhibition, Mino ceramic triennale,
                 Tajimi, Japan
            Mino Ceramic Competition, Tajimi, Japan
            Finnish Design, Design Museum, Helsinki, Finland   

1997    International Biennale of Ceramics, Faenza, Italy
            Ceramic exhibition, Manises, Spain
1996    Ceramics, Voipaala Art Centre, Finland
            Arabia Pro Arte Collection, Helsinki, Tampere, Finland
            Ett Keramisk Univers, Silkeborg, Denmark
            Luovat kädet, Art Museum, Kerava, Finland
1995    Junge kunstzene Finnland, Hetjens Museum, Dusseldorf,
                 Landesgewerbeamt, Karlsruhe, Germany
            Tammisaari Art Museum, Finland
1994    Ceramica Finlandesa, Cidem, Barcelona, Spain
            Gallery Uta Goppelsröder, Bretten, Germany
            Center of culture Palatin, Wiesloch, Germany
1993    Group Six, Gallery Maronie, Kioto, Japan
            Group Six, Gallery SAM, Seoul, Korea
            Group Six, Tiilityksiä, Design Forum Finland, Helsinki, Finland
            Ceramics, Pohjola-Gallery, Helsinki, Finland (With Kati Tuominen-Niittylä)
            Materia, Art hall, Helsinki, Finland
            BOX, Design Forum, Helsinki, Finland
            K-93, Lappeenranta Art Museum, Finland
            International Biennale of Ceramics, Faenza, Italy
            Biennal of small Ceramics, Zagbrek
            Group Six, Ceramics, Caracas, Venezuela
            Finnish Design, Design Museum, Helsinki, Finland
1992    Gallery Bremer, Karkkila, Finland
            Group Six, Båstad, Sweden
            Finlandida, Stocholm, Sweden, Helsinki Finland
1991    International Triennale of ceramics, Sopot, Poland
            KerTa, Lappeenranta Art Museum, Kuopio art Museum, Finland
            Group Six, Park Gallery, Seoul, Korea
            Finnish Design, Design Museum, Helsinki, Finland
1990    East meets North, Posio, Finland
            IRIS- Ceramic exhibition, Porvoo, Finland
            Arabia Pro Arte collection and exhibition Helsinki, Finland
            International biennal of ceramics Faenza, Italy
1989-90  Actualite de la Ceramique Europeenne, France
            Scandinavian Ceramics and Glass, Victoria & Albert Museum,
                 London, England
1989    Finnish Design, Design Museum, Helsinki, Finland
1988    Jugend Gestaltet Munich, Germany
            11th International Biennal of Ceramic arts, Vallauris, France
1987    Exhibition of young artists, Art Hall, Helsinki, Finland
            Finnish Design, Design Museum, Helsinki, Finland
1987-88  Triennale, Zeitgenössisches deutsches und finnisches Kunsthandwerk,
                 Frankfurt and Hannover, Germany, Helsinki, Finland
1985    Finnish Design, Design Museum, Helsinki, Finland
1984    Finnish Design, Design Museum, Helsinki, Finland
1983    Finnish Design, Design Museum, Helsinki, Finland

2018    ”Experiments and Explorations Rule This Year’s FOG Design + Art,”
                 Blouin ArtInfo, January 11
            ”Hostler Burrows at Design Miami / Basel,” Blouin ArtInfo, June 13
2017    ”New Ceramic Artists,” Wall Street International, November 7
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                 Practice: Material Memory. Cambridge Scholars Publishing
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                 October 1
2006    ”Pekka Paikkari: The Never-Ending,” exhibition catalog, Turku
1992    Laiho, Timo. ”Pekka Paikkari – Karborundum,” Suomi

2017    Jokihelmi (Pearls and Cracks), Penttilänranta, Joensuu
2015    Rantakivet, (Stones and Currents), Penttilänranta, Joensuu
2014    Layes of the History, Lampa house, Helsinki
2013    Joet, (Rivers) Penttilänranta, Joensuu
2011    IGLU, Turku, Finland
2010-16  Turvapaikka, Sipoo, Finland
2009    Pienet purot suuret joet, Sipoo, Finland
2006    CATARACTA, Facade of the Senior House, Helsinki, Finland
                 (Architect: Kirsti Siven)
2005    Gekko, Helsinki / Kamppi bus terminal (Tuominen-Niittylä,
                 Riska, Paikkari)
            Fragments, the School of Sakarinmäki, Helsinki, Finland
2003    The Kiln, Kankaanpää, Finland
1998    Molds, Leppävirta, Finland

2016-17  Ornamo, Member of Board
2015-17  Taike, Art Council
2015-16  Art Council South Finland
2008-15  Ornamo Foundation, President of Board
2007-10  Ornamo, Member of Board
2001-04  Teaching, UIAH, University of Art & Design, Helsinki,
                 Ceramic & Glass Department
1985-Present  Artist/Designer, Littala, Arabia Ceramic Factory
1983    Assistant, Arabia Ceramic Factory

Association of Finnish Sculptors
IAC, International Academy of Ceramics
Artists of Sipoo   

2014-18  5-year grant by the Finnish State
2009    I-Prize, Environmental Art Competition, Sipoo, Finland (Together with
                 Mari Paikkari)
2008    Honourable mention / Art Competition for the Hospital of Porvoo,
                 Finland (Together with Sirkka Paikkari)
            3-year grant by the Finnish State
2007    L’Alcalatén prize in the 27th International Competition of l’Alcora, Spain
            I-Prize (Ex-Aeguo), International Ceramic Biennale, Manises, Spain
            Invite Artist, Shui-Li Snake kiln, Large Scale Ceramic Sculpture Workshop,
2004-06  3-year grant by Finnish Culture Foundation
2005    Invite Artist, International Ceramic Centre, Guldagergaard, Danmark
2003    Grant for exhibition Näyttämö by Finnish state
2002    Grand by Finnish State
2001    Grant, Finnish-Norway Foundation
            Grant, Frame
            Grant, Finnish Cultural Foundation
2000    Grant for kiln-project by Finnish state
1999    Grant, Finnish Culture Foundation
1998    1-year grant by the Finnish State­­
1997    Invite Artist, the Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park, Japan
            Grant, Ornamo, Finland
            Grant for exhibition, Finnish State
1993    International Biennial of Ceramics, Faenza, Italy, (Fondatzione Cassa di
                 Risparmio di Ravenna)
            Grant from G&W Lehtinen Foundation
1992    Grant by the Finnish State (for publication, “Karborundum”)
1991    1-year Grant by the Finnish State
1989    III-Prize on Art Competition of Helsinki House of justice   

The British Museum, London, England
Victoria & Albert Museum, London, England
Faenza Museum of Ceramics, Italy
Museum of Modern Ceramic Art, Gifu, Japan
Ceramic Museum, Barcelona, Spain
Höganäs Ceramic Museum, Sweden
Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park, Ceramic Museum, Japan
Design Museum, Helsinki, Finland
Arabia Ceramic Museum, Helsinki, Finland
Joensuu Art Museum, Finland
Tammisaari Art Museum, Tammisaari, Finland
Pohjola Insurance Company Collection, Helsinki, Finland
IRIS Collection, City of Porvoo, Finland
Handelsbanken, Sweden
City of Leppävirta, Finland
City of Karkkila, Finland
Ceramic Museum l’Alcora, Spain
Ceramic Museum, Manises, Spain
Art Collections of Finnish State
Wäinö Aaltosen museo, Turku

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