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Flatweave Carpet

Svensk Hemslöjd, Sweden, ca. 1950




Flatweave Carpet, Svensk Hemslöjd, Sweden, ca. 1950

Handwoven wool

101" L x 75" W 

Berit Koenig was a Swedish master weaver known for his characteristically colorful, geometric designs that were largely inspired by Scandinavian folk traditions. Often working in conjunction with Föreningen Svensk Hemslöjd, The Swedish Society for Arts and Handicrafts, Koenig took special care to uphold the tenets of Swedish craftsmanship to create high quality, characteristically Swedish textiles.

Svensk Hemslöjd was founded in 1899 by Lilli Zickerman in reaction to the deleterious effects of industrialism on Swedish design. Zickerman, with the help of Sweden's Prince Eugen presiding as the society's chairman, established Svensk Hemslöjd as an influential forum for the preservation and dissemination of traditional Swedish craft techniques across many modes of handicraft including textile production and carpentry.

The association had a storefront location that showcased new works of carpentry and textiles adhering to the Svensk Hemslöjd philosophy, and Koenig was often among the artisans who were featured. Koenig's rugs, Ryas and flat-woven Röllakan works were all produced by means of traditional Swedish methods and reflect the finest craftsmanship through their beauty and longevity.

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