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Sweden, ca. 1950


BERTIL HERLOW SVENSSON (Swedish, 1929-2012)

Untitled, Sweden, ca. 1950


Born in Sweden in 1929, Svensson began his career as a sailor, traveling to more than 60 countries. He also designed interior joinery on several luxury yachts. During the mid-sixties, following further education , he decided to work full time on his artistry, in particular creating sculptures in his in-house carpentry studio. Throughout the 70s and 80s, he exhibited at several notable galleries and museums, including Galerie Aronowitsch and Galeri Nordenhake in Stockholm, as well as the Trelleborg Museum in Denmark.

Using aluminum and steel, Svensson was drawn to a mathematical approach. For instance, by tensioning thin aluminum pipes between steel wires, typically forming spherical shapes and other geometric configurations, Svensson found a relationship or intersection between space and volume. Referencing kinetic art coupled with Minimalistic tendencies, his pieces were incredibly unique for Swedish design. Further, despite materialistic differences, similarities can be made to such artists as Carl André and Walter de Maria.

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