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Elias Svedberg

Pair of Slipper Chairs for Nordiska Kompaniet

Sweden, ca. 1940


ELIAS SVEDBERG (Swedish, 1913-1987)

Pair of Slipper Chairs for Nordiska Kompaniet, Sweden, ca. 1940

35.5" H x 22.75" W x 27" D (16" H seat)

Elias Svedberg (1913-1987) was a Swedish designer of furniture and textiles, renowned for his inventive knock-down furniture series Triva-Bygg for Nordiska Kompaniet. Svedberg's Triva line was the first iteration of standardized, flat packed furniture, which set the precedent for today's modern designs.

Starting in 1944, Svedberg worked for Nordiska Kompaniet, a department store in Stockholm devoted to high-end design, and acted as Nordiska Kompaniet's Director of Interiors from 1952-61. Svedberg launched his Triva collection within his first year at Nordiska Kompaniet. Triva was praised for its innovative versatility, and Svedberg's concept of stylish and functional pieces with interchangeable components that could be assembled in a number of ways to accommodate a multitude of consumer needs was indeed revolutionary.

Additionally, Svedberg designed for a number of pre-war exhibitions including the World's Fair in New York. He was also a contributing member to the Svenska Slöjdföreningen (Swedish Society), a revered crafts and design organization dedicated to promoting and perpetuating high quality craftsmanship in Swedish design.

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