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Kosta Boda, Sweden, ca. 1960


ERIK HÖGLUND (Swedish, 1932 -1998)

Sculpture, Kosta Boda, Sweden, ca. 1960

Glass, iron

9.75" H x 12.5" W x 4" D

Erik Höglund studied at the Stockholm School of Art, Craft, and Design from 1948 – 1953, honing his skills as a painter, sculptor, graphic artist, and designer. From 1953 – 1973 he worked with Boda Glassworks, where he transferred his characteristic and expressive artistic style from painting and sculpting into the medium of glass, revolutionizing the art of glass within Sweden. He made objects for everyday use artistic with effects that let the reflections of light show within the material as well as on its surface. These mass-produced items no longer looked all the same, but each had unique aesthetic differences. He always attempted to give his designs a more expressive and vivid appearance, challenging and stimulating the natural appearance of the glass.

Later, Höglund worked with Pukeberg Glasswork, Transjöhyttan Glasswork, Åhus an and Vrigstad Glassworks. He also both worked and taught at Pilchuck Glass near Seattle; Höglund is often credited as inspiring the art glass movement within the United States. After returning to Sweden in the 1980s, Höglund worked with Studioglas Stömbergshyttan to again reinvigorate the art of glass, combining vivid colors and forms never seen before in Swedish glass.

Throughout his career, Höglund also created more than 150 commissioned public works within Sweden and abroad not just in glass, but also in oil and mural paintings and bronze, wrought iron, terra cotta, and natural stone sculptures.

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