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Matias Liimatainen

Silver Sap



MATIAS LIIMATAINEN (Finnish, b.1989)

Silver Sap, 2017

Stoneware, glaze, platinum

20.75" H x 11.75" W x 7.5" D

Matias Liimatainen is an artist working primarily in ceramic and glass to create sculptures inspired by flora and fauna, which he embellishes with glazes, metallic elements, driftwood, and stone. His earlier series, inspired by robots, incorporated kinetic elements as well as lights or electronic devices, though evidence of industrial forms is visible in all of Liimatainen’s works. He is interested in the historical nature of his chosen media, offering a nod to traditional porcelain motifs by often featuring stylized, decorative flowers. Liimatainen posits that his sculptures are self-portraits, as they are reflections of his experiences. However, he recognizes the limitations of representation, always leaving his works open to the interpretation of his audiences.

Liimatainen has exhibited widely throughout Scandinavia and was recently awarded residencies in Japan and China. His work has been shown to much acclaim at art fairs in Finland and Denmark.

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