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Taher Asad-Bakhtiari

Reclaimed Barrel




Reclaimed Barrel, 2021

Metal, resin, paint

19" H x 16” W x 15.5” D

Taher Asad-Bakhtiari (Iranian, b. 1982) is a self-taught artist and designer whose practice encompasses three-dimensional works, textiles and experiences where the spirit of ancient traditions are reinvigorated with a dynamic contemporary aesthetic and relevance. Truly a citizen of the world, born in Tehran, Asad-Bakhtiari spent his childhood and student years in Canada and Switzerland, and after studying multimedia and management, he opened a creative agency in Tehran. He currently divides his time between New York City and Dubai. Throughout his career, Asad-Bakhtiari has created several bodies of work that typically investigate his ancestral Persian background, the Bakhtiari tribe, deftly employing a variety of methods and materials, both centuries-old craft techniques and modern fabrication capabilities. His ongoing The Tribal Weave Project, a multi-tiered re-imagination of tribal artifacts, is renowned example of this practice. His subsequent exhibition Recovered Barrels received great acclaim for shining a light on an industrial waste product that could be repurposed as a design object of great beauty.

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