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Tyra Lundgren

Unique Covered Ceramic Urn

ca. 1930


TYRA LUNDGREN (Swedish, 1897 - 1979)

Covered Urn, ca. 1920

Glazed stoneware

28" H x 14" Dia.

Tyra Lundgren (Swedish, 1897 – 1979) was a multidisciplinary artist most known for her ceramic work. She studied at the Royal Institute of Fine Arts in Stockholm from 1918 to 1922, studying abroad in Vienna and Paris. Finally returning to Sweden from Paris in the early 1940s, Lundgren created designs for many European ceramics and glass companies, including Lidköping, Rörstrand, and Kosta in Sweden; Arabia in Finland; Sèvres in France; and Vetri Muranesi Venini in Venice, before joining Gustavsberg.

Most known for natural elements, like birds, fish, and reptiles, Lundgren also worked as a painter, designer, and writer. She was renowned for her expressive sculptures and reliefs, which she created in both sculptural and monumental scales. Featured in the World Exhibition of 1937, Lundgren received the Litteris et Artibus award from the King of Sweden in 1950 for outstanding artistic efforts. Her public works are installed throughout Scandinavia, and smaller works are in the collections of the National Museum in Stockholm, Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the Cultural History Museum in Lund, and the Gotland Art Museum, among many others.

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