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Carlos Otero



CARLOS OTERO (Argentinian)

Untitled, 2018


14.5" H x 10.5" W x 8.5" W

Carlos Otero (Argentinian, b. 1966) is an architect, designer and artist based in New York City. Inspired by Brutalist and Primitive architecture, the works of Le Corbusier and mud structures in Mali and Machu Pichu, Otero makes unique, hand-built structures that represent a return to the primitive. They are small but potent works created in bold defiance contemporary trends towards overscaling, technology, manufactured reproduction and the excise of the artist’s hand. The resulting sculptures are at once architectural and biomorphic – teeming with the artist’ energy, they are dynamic, animated and call out to be handled and physically engaged with, as is the artist’s intent, usurping the traditional viewer/object relationship. 

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