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CAROL EGAN (Finnish, b.1980)

180 Twist Shelf, 2012

Ebonized mahogany

5.5" H x 110" W x 12" D

Born in 1974 in Dublin, Carol Egan is a graduate of Parsons School of Design in New York City. Carol is an award- winning designer with an internationally established profile.

A decade ago, Carol began developing a line of sculptural furniture. Wall Shelves, freestanding consoles, benches, coffee tables, mirrors and chairs: these works are produced using 3D modeling software and are then crafted and hand finished using traditional woodworking techniques and lost wax casting techniques in bronze.

An emphasis is placed on unique form and structure; coaxing minimal sensibilities to the fore in Carol’s furniture. Crafting with traditional fabrication methods, the materials perform the unimagined – twisting wooden forms; forms that are typically hard, heavy and rigid proxied with light playful and curvaceous obsession. Carol’s furniture reveals exotic forms of doubling, mirroring, shadow, luxury concealments and inspired revelations of line.

“As a designer, I’m interested in technology. I am fascinated by the intersection of technology with craftwork. What excites me is using the technology to manipulate material into unexpected and unique forms”

A Special Mention as best contemporary piece was attributed to her by the PAD London jury in 2015 for her Freestanding console and X benches.

Carol Egan is represented in Europe by Galerie BSL, in New York City by Maison Gerard and in Los Angeles by Hostler Burrows.

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