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Eun-ha Paek

Poodle Amphora #2



EUN-HA PAEK (Korean, b.1974)

Poodle Amphora #2, 2017

Glazed stoneware with luster

17.75" H X 13" W X 7.5" D

Eun-Ha Paek (Korean, b. 1974) is an artist living and working in New York City. Her work in ceramic – informed by her background in film/animation/video (for which she holds a degree from the Rhode Island School of Design) – explores objects’ ability to illicit a response from the viewer based both on the object’s formal qualities as well as the viewer’s past experiences. 

In her own words, “The same way a boulder on a hill stores potential energy, a banana peel on the floor can be the setup to a joke, storing potential “ha-has”. The setup might cause a smirk, without any real action taking place. My work uses this potential to construct narratives on the precipice of the familiar and strange; to explore grief and hope with humor.”

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