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JASMIN ANOSCHKIN (Finnish, b.1980)

Dino, 2017


9.84 x 3.54 x 7 inches

Jasmin Anoschkin is a Finnish artist working with ceramics, wooden sculptures, drawings and painting. She is a member of the Arabia Art Department Society and has exhibited widely for the past ten years. The unique world of Anoschkin’s sculptures includes expressive statement pieces, like Donkey, highlighting a magical world of animals that have spirits. As if animated, the animals call to the viewer, inviting one into a land of make believe.

Anoschkin’s aesthetic features an amalgamation of sources, combining the aesthetic language of contemporary folk art with pop culture and the toy industry. With an affinity for white and neon colors, she selects the colors and glazes for her works as she sculpts, often using leftovers from other artists or standard Arabia finishes. Many of her pieces have a story implied within them, often created by combining elements of her own life and her friends’ experiences.

Jasmin Anoschkin’s breakthrough exhibition and artwork was Bambi, shown at the Mänttä Art Festival in 2009 and also in 2010 at the 100th Anniversary of the Association of Finnish Sculptors in Wäinö Aaltonen Museum of Art. It was subsequently acquired by the Finnish State Art Collection. In 2012, she was chosen to be the year’s young artist in the Satakunta region of Finland. During the years of 2009-2010, she was a visiting artist at the Arabia Art Department Society before becoming a full member in 2014. In the autumn of 2017, her work will be published as a series of postage stamps. Her work is permanently on display in the lobby of the Helsinki City Museum.


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