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Jenny Nordberg

3 to 5 Seconds Mirror



JENNY NORDBERG (Swedish, b. 1978)

3 to 5 Seconds Mirror, 2018

Glass with liquid silver

46.5" Dia

Jenny Nordberg is an industrial designer based in the south of Sweden whose interdisciplinary work explores and challenges contemporary ideas of design as well as the role of the designer. Nordberg is driven by a desire to develop strategies and alternative methods which counter the problematic aspects of mass production. Her research and studio practices focus on the history and future of consumerism, with an end to transforming the preconditions that exist in much of the design world today.

In her ongoing series 3 to 5 Seconds: Rapid handmade production, begun in 2014, Nordberg researched mirror-making techniques from the nineteenth century and became fascinated with the process and results of her experiments. To create each mirror, a thin layer of liquid silver is applied to the surface of the glass, where its uncontrolled movement results in a unique design whose unpredictability is central to its allure. Nordberg’s mirrors create a striking effect wherein one’s reflection appears almost as a haunting apparition, an ephemeral quality that contrasts dramatically with the immediacy of the design itself.

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