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Kristina Riska

Bubble Urn VI



KRISTINA RISKA (Finnish, b.1960)

Bubble Urn VI, 2015


49" H x 18" W


Kristina Riska (Finnish, b. 1960) is one of Scandinavia’s foremost contemporary ceramic artists and a senior member of the Arabia Art Department Society in Helsinki. Riska has been exploring, defying, and redefining the traditional tenets of ceramic sculpture since the 1980s. Often monumental in scale with elegantly thin walls, each of Riska’s works is imbued with the artist’s presence – the raw physicality in her approach to large works and the delicate hand apparent in the refined textures and glaze techniques revealed upon close inspection. A proven master of the medium, Riska is actively pushing the boundaries of ceramic sculpture, creating works that seem to defy gravity.

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