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“Mussel” Lounge Chair

ca. 1940


PHILIP ARCTANDER (Danish, 1916-1994)

“Mussel” Lounge Chair, ca. 1940

New shearling upholstery, Beech

24" W x 31" D x 35" H

Philip Arctander was a Danish architect most well-known for his work with public housing. Arctander graduated from Kunstakademiets arkitektskole (School of Architecture) in Copenhagen, working as an independent architect from 1939 – 1947. During this time, he designed a few pieces of furniture, including 1944’s Muslingestole, the clam or mussel chair. So named for its rounded shape, it was released through the newly-opened furnishings store NY FORM A/S in Copenhagen before wider release. Eventually Arctander returned his focus to architecture, serving as director of the Danish Building Research Institute, advising the United Nations on construction and housing issues.

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