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Monumental Vessel in Two Pieces



SONJA DUÒ-MEYER (Swiss, b. 1953)

Monumental vessel in two pieces, 2009


40" H x 17" W

By deliberately reducing form and color, Sonja Duò-Meyer’s ceramics embody expressive power with no distractions. The flowing silhouettes are almost meditative, allowing a refined play of light and shadow through the light asymmetry of the forms. Using predominantly unglazed Limoges porcelain, Duò-Meyer's work is reminiscent of the textural characteristics of Le Corbusier’s work, as in his preference for the béton brut style of leaving rough concrete as a finish, rather than smoothing the surface. The surface, material, body, and technique are interwoven by a minimalist design concept celebrating emptiness and silence.

Sonja Duò-Meyer’s work has been exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the world since 1996. Her work has been featured at important design fairs including Design Miami / Basel, Salon in New York, and FOG in San Francisco. As an artist in residence at the Tajimi Center in Japan, Duò-Meyer honed her skills, engaging intensively with Japanese techniques. A monograph of her work was released in 2017.

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