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Sonja Duò-Meyer, photo by Ethan Oelman

By deliberately reducing form and color, Sonja Duò-Meyer’s ceramics embody expressive power with no distractions. The flowing silhouettes are almost meditative, allowing a refined play of light and shadow through the light asymmetry of the forms. Using predominantly unglazed Limoges porcelain, Duò-Meyer's work is reminiscent of the textural characteristics of Le Corbusier’s work, as in his preference for the béton brut style of leaving rough concrete as a finish, rather than smoothing the surface. The surface, material, body, and technique are interwoven by a minimalist design concept celebrating emptiness and silence.

Sonja Duò-Meyer’s work has been exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the world since 1996. Her work has been featured at important design fairs including Design Miami / Basel, Salon in New York, and FOG in San Francisco. As an artist in residence at the Tajimi Center in Japan, Duò-Meyer honed her skills, engaging intensively with Japanese techniques. A monograph of her work was released in 2017.


Born: 1953 in Zurich, Switzerland

2019    Fantasy Island: Swiss Ceramics, Kunst Zeug Haus, Rapperswil – Jona,
            Contemporary Ceramics, Ludwigsburg Palace, Ludwigsburg, Germany
2017    Zürich Meets Hong Kong: A Festival of Two Cities, K11, Hong Kong
            Book Vernissage and Exhibition, Flakenplatz, Bern
            Book Vernissage and Exhibition, Interni Wohngestaltung, Wetzikon,
            Ceramics Museum Staufen, Studio Gallery, Staufen / Freiburg, Germany
2016    Passionément Céramique du Collection Frank Nievergelt, Musée Ariana,
2015    Galerie Art Station Isabella Lanz, Zurich
            Luxe, Calme, et Volupté, Swiss Ceramics, Musée Ariana, Geneva
2014    Six Women, Hostler Burrows, New York
            In & Out, Trend Fair and Exhibition, Parkhotel Langenthal, Switzerland
            Blickfang, International Design Fair, Kongresshaus, Zurich
            Design Exhibition, The Zentrum Paul Klee, Bern
            Design Miami, Hostler Burrows, Miami, FL
2013    Analog and Digital Figures, 100 Years of Swiss Werkbund, Ig Halle Art
                House, Rapperswil-Jona, Switzerland
            Swiss Contemporary ceramics, Museo d`arte Mendrisio, Switzerland
2012    In & Out Space for Swiss Design, Schönenwerd Schönenwerd
2011    Galerie Art Station Isabella Lanz, Zurich
            DESIGNGUT, Fair for Sustainable Design, Winterthur
            In & Out Space for Swiss Design, Schönenwerd, Switzerland
            Small Format, Villa Severin, Zollikon, Switzerland
2010    INTERNI, Space Concept and Interior Design, Wetzikon, Switzerland
            In & Out Space for Swiss Design, Schönenwerd, Switzerland
2009    Small Format, Villa Severin, Zollikon, Switzerland
            Grand Format Monumental, Fondation Bruckner, Geneva
            Contemporary Ceramics, Antikenmuseum, Basel
            Porcelain-white Gold, Museum Bellerive, Zurich
            In & Out Space for Swiss Design, Schönenwerd, Switzerland
            Disegno Suizo, MOA, La Coruna, Spain
2008    Art Design, Feldkirch, Austria
            In & Out Space for Swiss Design, Schönenwerd, Switzerland
            Gallerie Art Station, Zurich
            Ig hall, Rapperswil, Switzerland
            Mino Museum, Tajimi, Japan
            Galerie Art Station, Zurich
            Gallery Frederik Bollhorst, Freiburg / iBreisgau, Germany
            Artist in Residence, Mino Museum, Tajimi, Japan
2007    Type Design, Feldkirch, Austria
            In & Out Space for Swiss Design, Schönenwerd, Switzerland
            Gallery of Applied Arts, Munich
2006    Gallery Claudia Bollag, Unterstammheim, Switzerland
            Kunsthalle, Wil, Switzerland
2005    Luxury Arts, Unique, Prototype, Reproduction, Museum Bellerive, Zurich
2004    Gallery Commercio, Zurich
2003    Form, Applied Arts at Bondensee, Ludwigshafen, Germany
            Gallery Claudia Bollag, Unterstammheim, Switzerland
            Form, Applied Arts at Bodensee, Ludwigshafen, Germany
            Art Gallerie, Rorschach, Switzerland
2002    Gallery of Applied Arts, Munich
2001    3.2.1. Gallery, Zug, Switzerland
            Gallery Marianne Heller, Heidelberg
            Municipal Gallery of Art and Design, Uster, Switzerland
2000    Mémoire des bols, Yverdon-les-Bains
            Gallery Claudia Bollag, Unterstammheim, Switzerland
1999    Rennweg Gallery, Zurich
1998    Gallery of Applied Arts, Munich
1997    Sound and Tones, Art November, Wetzikon, Switzerland
1996    Gallery of Applied Arts, Munich

Musée Ariana, Geneva
Hotel Therme, Vals, Switzerland
Clinic aarReha, Schinznach-Bad, Switzerland
Museum Bellerive, Zurich

2015    Luxe, Calme, et VoluptéSwiss Ceramics, Musée Ariana, Geneva
2013    Swiss Contemporary ceramics, Museo d`arte Mendrisio, Switzerland
2008    Artist in Residence, Tajimi, Japan
2006    Vessels Bringing Happiness, Design Biennale
            Shepparton Art Gallery, Victoria, Australia
2005    Ceramica Multiplex, International Exhibition, Varazdin, Croatia
            7th International Ceramic Festival, Mino, Japan (Honorable Mention)
            Concorso International della Ceramica, Faenza, Italy
2004    Chapeau Wetzikon, Culture Prize of the City Wetzikon, Switzerland
2002    International Ceramics Biennale, Cairo, Egypt
            Shepparton Art Gallery, Victoria, Australia
2000    Biennale ASK, Luzern
            Shepparton Art Gallery, Victoria, Australia
1999    Concorso International della Ceramica, Faenza, Italy
            ASK Exhibition, Solothurn, recognition award
            Bayerischer Kunstgewerbeverein, Munich
1998    Gallery Marianne Heller, Heidelberg
            International Ceramics Biennale, Cairo
            L'Objet du Quoditien, Yverdon, Switzerland
            Shepparton Art Gallery, Victoria, Australia
1996    Biennale ASK, Winterthur (Jury Award)
1995    Triennale de la Porcelain, Nyon, Switzerland
            International Ceramics Biennale, Cairo
1994    2nd International Biennale for Ceramics, Cairo
1993    Le cendrier, Concours International Musée Carouge, Switzerland
            IV. World Triennial Exhibition, Osijek Price, Zagreb
1992    Biennale Inernationale, Vallauris, France 

2018    Interiors Magazine, March  / April (cover image)
2016    Passion for Ceramics: Frank Nievergelt Collection, Arnoldsche
​                 Art Publishers
2015    Luxe, Calme, et Volupté, Swiss Ceramics, Musée Ariana, Geneva
2014    “Spotlight on ‘Six Women’ at Hostler Burrows,” C-File, October 29
2013    Contemporary Swiss Ceramics, Museo d’arte Mendrisio
            Women set a course: 30 Portraits of Women from the Hinwil District
2009    “Grand Format Monumentale,” Fondation Bruckner, Geneva
2008    von Burg, Dominique. “Nishikigoi,” IG Halle, Rapperswil-Jona, Switzerland
2006    Nievergelt, Frank. Kunsthalle Wil
2005    7th International Ceramic Festival, Mino, Japan
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1996    Schneider, Heidi. Ceramic Magazine, No. 5
            Ceramic Friends of Switzerland

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