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GAL GAON (Israeli, b.1967)

GaiaTable, 2019

Oak and walnut with bronze

98" Dia x 29" H

Gal Gaon (Israeli, b. 1967) is an architect and designer based in Tel Aviv, Israel. His custom-designed furnishings include tables, desks, benches, consoles, and stools that marry the fields of fine art and design. His multi-disciplinary creative philosophy is reflected through contradictions in his work–he strives work that is clean and sleek while he injects an edgy aesthetic. He selects material to emphasize these contrasts, such as particular woods and finishes juxtaposing deep black with light panels, or orienting wood grains in various directions. Gaon’s architectural training is also apparent in each piece with mathematical precision and a balancing of of line, form, composition and structure. Each work is designed and fabricated in Israel. 

Gaon received his degree in architecture from Bezalel, Jerusalem and earned an EMBA from Tel Aviv University. He currently serves as the head of the interior design department at the Holon Academic Institute of Technology with architect Nini Warshavsky. Gaon’s work has been exhibited widely and internationally, and has been featured in publications including Architectural Digest and The New York Times’ T Magazine.

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