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HANNA HANSDOTTER (Swedish, b. 1984)

Incommodius II, 2020

Mould-blown glass

22" H x 13" Dia.

Glass artist Hanna Hansdotter transforms her amorphous material into iridescent designs informed by Scandinavian craft traditions. Hansdotter trained in Glasriket —a region in Sweden with a history of hand-blown glass that stretches back to 1742 —and received her BFA from Konstfack in Stockholm in 2017. While in school, Hansdotter experimented with blowing glass into handmade iron molds to create tactile patterns; she has become known for these imprinted surfaces, which make the material appear soft and bulbous. Hansdotter later moved to the Swedish design capital of Småland (the birthplace of IKEA), where she produces jewel-toned vessels out of her studio and hot shop. Her works are in collections like the Nationalmuseum in Stockholm and the Glass Factory in Boda Glasbruk.

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