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HANNE G (Danish, b.1963)

Biocentric, 2021

Mixed fibers and acrylic paint on panel

35.5" H x 78.75" W x 6" D

Hanne G is a textile artist living and working in Copenhagen, Denmark. Her work pushes textiles into a sculptural realm, transcending previously perceived limitations of the form. Adept with a crochet hook and embroidery needle, she can fashion nearly anything out of yarn.

Frequently inspired by the hidden patterns and colors of nature, Hanne G draws on her environment to inform her textile wall pieces. She is well known for her process of “freezing” fabric to achieve deeply grooved, ceramic-like qualities. These works have both visual and auditory components: the thickness of the frozen fabric incubates and absorbs sounds, effectively soundproofing a space. The panels can be viewed at a distance, calling to mind satellite imagery, or close up, where we notice details akin to the shapes carved by water into sand and stone. Recent experiments with natural dyeing point to the artist’s painterly tendencies and allow for further reflection on her work’s unique materiality. Across her practice, Hanne G centers a traditionally feminine handicraft as an agent of change.

Hanne G holds a master’s degree in Architecture from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts’ department of graphic design. She is a member of the Danish Artist Association as well as the Contemporary Textile Artists Association. In addition to multiple private collections, her pieces have been acquired by the Trapholt Art Museum in Kolding, Denmark. Hanne G has participated in several international exhibitions and has been the recipient of multiple grants throughout her career.

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