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Pair of Botanical Structures



TRINE DRIVSHOLM (Danish, b. 1970)

Pair of Botanical Structures, 2022


5.125" H x 5.375" W x 1.75" D

"I am interested in the correlation between color, form, and surface. My work often has a soft and organic sensibility, and the surfaces are tactile. I am fascinated by the ability of the glass to communicate light, details, and depth.

In the Botanical Structure series, I am investigating structures visible only through a microscope. The works do not represent scientifically accurate cross-sections of plant stems, instead they are my poetic translations of what might be seen in nature. Each piece is made from elements produced in the hotshop, which are later fused and coldworked extensively to arrive at the right expression.” – Trine Drivsholm (Danish, b. 1970)

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