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Press Release

New York, NY - Hostler Burrows is pleased to announce an exhibition of new work by ceramic artist Donna Green, her first solo presentation with the gallery. The exhibition will run from September 9 - October 8, 2021 at the gallery's New York location. A catalogue has been published to accompany the show and includes a conversation between Green and Tony Marsh.

Green’s newest works see the artist’s visceral approach set free with a renewed life force; her “emotional creativity” allows for the clay to not be bound by rules or predictable outcomes, and Green’s latest works smolder with seemingly contradictory energies.

As Green describes it; "The work is my body, torso, fingers, elbows, chin. The work has no function; it only relates to my own self physically and psychologically. I have released myself of all the previous boundaries, yet there is still a vessel, which is a body..."

Born in 1960 in Australia, Green currently lives and works in New York, NY. She earned a BA in Industrial Design in 1984 from Sydney College of the Arts in New South Wales, Australia. In 1985 Green moved to New York and joined Industrial Design Magazine as one of its editors. Green began working in clay in 1988, studying at Greenwich House Pottery and the New School in New York; and, in 1997 at the National Art School, Sydney. Green has participated in several workshops including ‘Fire Up’,1995 with Janet Mansfield in Gulgong, New South Wales, working on-site with Danish artists Nina Hole and Jorgen Hansen; and in 2018 Green took part in “The Vessel as Metaphor” with Tony Marsh at the The Anderson Ranch, Snowmass, Colorado.

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