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Jenny Nordberg - Artists + Designers - Hostler Burrows

Jenny Nordberg (Swedish, b. 1978) is an industrial designer based in Malmö, Sweden, whose interdisciplinary work explores and challenges contemporary notions of design as well as the role of the designer. Nordberg is driven by a desire to develop strategies and alternative methods that counter the problematic aspects of mass production. Her research and studio practices focus on the history as well as the future of consumerism with an end to transforming the preconditions that exist in much of the design world today. Stylistically Nordberg’s work is characterized by a combination of Brutalism and Minimalism, and often leaning on chance as an important element. In her ongoing series, 3 to 5 Seconds: Rapid Handmade Production, begun in 2014, Nordberg researched mirror-making techniques from the nineteenth century and became fascinated with the process and results of her experiments. To create each mirror, a thin layer of liquid silver is applied to the surface of the glass, where its uncontrolled movement results in a unique design where unpredictability is central to its allure. Nordberg’s mirrors create a striking effect wherein one’s reflection appears almost as a haunting apparition, an ephemeral quality that contrasts dramatically with the immediacy of the design itself.

Nordberg received an MFA in industrial design and has been the recipient of numerous awards and commissions. Her work has been exhibited widely. 


(b. 1978, Sweden)

2007            Fashion and Technology, K3, Malmö Hogskola
2004            Entepreneurship and Business Development, Centre of Finances Lund
1999-2004   Industrial Design Programme, Master of Fine Art, Lund University
1998-1999   Åsa Folk High School, preparatory arts education
1999            Evening course in photography
1998            Graphics Course for Ove Ottosson in Åsa

2023     Strategies for Moving Freely, Design Museum, Helsinki, Finland 
2022     Active Cargo, Vandalorum, Vämamo, Sweden
             Positive Enough, Stockholm Modern, Stockholm, Sweden
2020     Stratagies for Moving Freely, Stockholm Modern, Sweden
2018     Most Common Element, Galleri Obra, Malmö
             Fluid Add-Ons, Stockholm Modern, Stockholm
2016     3 to 5 Seconds, Hafnarborg Museum, Reykjavik, Iceland
2015     Vandalorum, Vämamo

2021   Unconventional Illusions, dual exhibition with José Manuel Castro Lopéz,
                 C Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
           Printed Matter, Galleri 22, Stockholm, Sweden
           CUP Exhibition, The Classen Library, Copenhagen, Denmark
2019   Design Matters, Umeå Art Museum, Sweden
           Portrait Painter, Stockholm Modern, Chart Art Fair, Copenhagen, Denmark
           MiArt, Stockholm Modern, Milan, Italy
           Salon Art + Design, Hostler Burrows, New York, USA
           Design Miami, Hostler Burrows, Miami, USA
2018   Scene Unseen in the Subtropics: Contemporary Design from Denmark, Finland,
                 Norway and Sweden, He Xiangning Art Museum, Shenzen, China
           Whatmatters, Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven, Denmark
           Various Behaviours, Stockholm Modern, Chart Art Fair, Copenhagen, Denmark
           Berättelser, Konsthall Marieholm, Marieholm, Sweden
           Nomad Circle, Etage Projects, Monaco, France
2017   What’s your DNA, Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven, Netherlands
           The Plinth Project, Etage Projects, Copenhagen, Denmark
2016   October-November, Galleri Obra, Malmö, Sweden
           Welcome to Sweden, Swedish Pavilion, London Design Biennale, UK
           Nomad, Form/Design Centre, Malmö, Sweden
           Sweden Plays, Salone Internazionale del Mobile, Milano, Italy
2015   Twelve, Stockholm Furniture Fair, Stockholm, Sweden

2022     Designer of the Year- Elle Deco Awards (Sweden)
2022     Designer of the year – Swedish Design Awards by RUM
2022     The City of Malmö Business Award - Winner in the category:
                  Creative and Cultural Industry for the SPOK project
2022     The Swedish Arts Grants Committee project suport
2020     The Swedish Arts Grants Committee two year working grant
2019     RUM Award, Object of the year
2019     Create in Residence, IASPIS/Nova Iskra, Belgrad
2018     Residence Magazine Design Award - Craft of the year
2017     Formbärare 2017 Svensk Form Syd
2017     Form Award – Årets Nykomling (Newcomer of the Year)
2016     The Swedish Arts Grants Committee two year working grant
             Malmö Stads Näringslivspris inom Kulturella och Kreativa Näringar
                    (The City of Malmö Award in the category Creative and Cultural Industry)
             Fröfabriken Residency in Landskrona
2015     Malmö Stads Ateljéstipendium
2014     Create in Residence at Nova Iskra, the Swedish Institute
2012     Malmö Stads Ateljéstipendium
2011     The Swedish Arts Grants Committee one year working grant
             Malmö Stads Stora Miljöpris
             Elle Interior Design Award
2010     Wallpaper Annual Design Award
             Terre de Femmes, andra pris
             Nöjesguiden Malmö/Lund Pris i kategorin Form
             Allas Miljöpris, nominerad
             Rankad nummer 7 av 100 i nykomlingslistan “Uppstickare” av Shortcut
2009     Region Skånes Designstipendium
             Greendigger Stipedium, Sweden Cleantech Incubators
             HDK’s pris för bästa monter, Stockholm Furniture Fair
             Malmö Stads Ateljéstipendium
2008     IASPIS kulturutbyte, Portugal
2007     Malmö Stads Kulturstipendium
             IASPIS kulturutbyte, Paris
             IASPIS kulturutbyte, Milano

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