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Kristina Riska is one of Scandinavia’s foremost contemporary ceramic artists and a senior member of the Arabia Art Department Society in Helsinki. Riska has been exploring, defying, and redefining the traditional tenets of ceramic sculpture since the 1980’s. Her unorthodox, large - scale works, inspired by nature and the properties of light and shadow, embody her rigorous and physical approach to her work.

Riska begins the conceptualization of her works on paper, her designs ultimately coming to fruition spontaneously as she works. Her process is a foray into the unknown; with each unplanned, instinctive manipulation of the clay, she establishes a non - physical “internal” space. She describes this space as a repository for her qualities of quietude, serenity, and concentration. Her unique ceramic sculptures are astounding in their technical prowess; their impressive scale is matched with equal delicacy; the artist creates forms that seemingly defy gravity and the constraints of the ceramic process. Her craftsmanship is evident as well in the beauty of her glazes, given the limitations of firing such monumental objects in the kiln.

In 1986, Riska exhibited at the Gallery Bronda, which could be considered her first critical success. On display were a series of vessels so large that the installation proved quite difficult. The State Art Collection purchased two works from the show, spurring a career in which she has been well recognized in her home country and abroad. In 1991 Riska exhibited jointly with the architect Kimmo Friman at Gallery Kluuvi. By this time she had abandoned all the traditional tenets of pot making - her curvaceous, imbricated, porous forms were recognized with prestigious accolades, including the State’s Suomi Prize in 1995 and a silver medal at the International Ceramic Contest in Mino, Japan in 2002.


Born 1960, Finland

1986-87  Guest artist at Arabia Factory
1985       Trainee at Studio Bente Hansen, Copenhagen
1985       Assistant for Minni Lukander at Arabia
1984       Trainee at Arabia Factory
1979-84  Helsinki University of Art and Design

2019    Design Miami / Basel, Hostler Burrows, Basel, Switzerland
            Collect, Hostler Burrows, Saatchi Gallery, London
            FOG Design + Art, Hostler Burrows, San Francisco, CA
2018    Design Miami, Hostler Burrows, Miami, FL
            Salon Art + Design, Hostler Burrows, New York, NY
            Hostler Burrows, New York, NY
            Galleri Format, Oslo, Norway
            Design Miami / Basel, Hostler Burrows, Basel, Switzerland
            The Line, Lokal, Helsinki, Finland
2017    Design Miami, Hostler Burrows, Miami, FL
            Salon Art + Design, Hostler Burrows, New York, NY
            Design Miami / Basel, Hostler Burrows, Basel, Switzerland
            FOG Design + Art, Hostler Burrows, San Francisco, CA
2016    Design Miami, Hostler Burrows, Miami, FL
            Salon of Art + Design, Hostler Burrows, New York, NY
            Expo Chicago, Hostler Burrows, Chicago, IL
            Design Miami / Basel, Hostler Burrows, Basel, Switzerland
            Winter Antiques Show, Hostler Burrows, New York, NY

2015    Design Miami, Hostler Burrows, Miami, FL
            Expo Chicago, Hostler Burrows, Chicago, IL

            Design Miami / Basel, Hostler Burrows, Basel, Switzerland
Kristina Riska: New Work, Hostler Burrows, New York, NY
2014    Design Miami, Hostler Burrows, Miami, FL
            Six Women, Hostler Burrows, New York, NY
2012    Arabia 9th floor, Helsinki
2011    Gallery Angelo, Pori
            Gallery För Bord Dukning, Copenhagen, Denmark
2010    Gallery Inger Molin, Stockholm, Sweden
            Westerwald Ceramic Museum, Germany
            Gallery Marianne Heller, Heidelberg, Germany
2009    Collection exhibition, Espoo Museum of Modern Art
            Arabia Gallery, Helsinki
            Ceramic Museum Grimmeshus, Denmark
2008    Gallery Oljemark, Helsinki
            Gallery Kaj Forsblom, Helsinki
            Musee Des Arts Decoratifs, Paris, France
2007    4+ Arthall, Luxemburg
            4+ Arthall, Bruxelles, Belgium
            Gallery Inger Molin, Stockholm, Sweden
            Forum Box, Helsinki
2006    Private exhibition, Design-Museum, Helsinki
            Transformations, National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, Australia
2005    Schikaragi, Japan
            Design-Museum together with Paula Winokur and Margaret West
2004    European Ceramics, Fiskars
            Q-exhibition, Fiskars
            Matter and Spirit, Jyväskylä
            Gallery Philippe Denys, Bruxelles, Belgium
2003    Nordic Cool, Washington, USA
            Q-exhibition, Tokyo, Japan
2002    The International Ceramics Exhibition, Mino, Japan
            Arabia Gallery, Helsinki
            Poetics of Clay, Design-Museum, Helsinki
2001    Cheongju International Craft Biennale, Cheongju, Korea
            Poetics of Clay, Philadelphia, USA
            Private Exhibition with Dörte Behm, Rheine, Germany
2000    Blue, Scandinavian exhibition, Ceramic Museum Grimmeshus, Denmark
            The First Nordic Ceramic Triennale, Berlin, Germany
            Retretti Art Center, Punkaharju
            Private exhibition with painter Tiina Heiska, Gallery Johan S., Helsinki
            Gallery Pictor, Vihti

1999     Lahti Art Museum

1998     Finnish Design, Design Forum, Helsinki
1997     Five Women, Design Forum, Helsinki
1996     Private exhibition, Arabia Gallery, Helsinki
1993     Ceramic Art 1993, Art Museum Lappeenranta
             Different, Museum of Modern Art, Helsinki
1992     Art and Industry, Design-Museum, Helsinki
1991     Thoughts in Clay, Gallery Pictor, Vihti
             Ceramic Art 1991, Art Museum Lappeenranta
             Designers under the Spotlight, Kaapelihalli, Helsinki
             Private exhibition together with Kimmo Friman, Gallery Kluuvi, Helsinki
1990     Three Ceramics, Gallery Johan S., Porvoo
             Design Museum, Helsinki
1989     Thirteen rooms, Gallery Wanha Satama, Helsinki
1988     Touch, Arthall, Taidehalli, Helsinki
1987     Light and Matter, City’s Art Museum, Helsinki
             Metaxis, Design Museum, Helsinki
             Private exhibition Fragile Time, Arabia Gallery, Helsinki
1986     Gallery Bronda, Helsinki
             Arabia Gallery, Helsinki
1985     Arabia Gallery, Helsinki
1984     Design Museum, Helsinki

2008     Honorary Award, Mino, Japan
2007     Finnish Cultural Foundation
2006     The State of Finland Art Commissions, working grant
                  for 5 years
2003     Finnish Cultural Foundation, working grant for 3 years
2002     Silver medal, Mino, Japan
1998     Honorary award- Finnish Design 10 exhibition
1997     The State of Finland Central Commission for the Arts,
​                  working grant for 5 years
1995     Suomi-prize
             D’Oro medal, Faenza, Italy
1994     The State of Finland Art Commissions, working grant for 1 year
1992     Finnish Cultural Foundation
1991     The State of Finland Art Commissions, working grant for 1/2 years

2011     Jury member in International Ceramics Competition, Mino, Japan
2010     Visiting teacher at School of Architecture, University of Illinois
            Stonefloor at Kuopio Prison
2005     GEKKO sculpture at Kamppi Metro Station, together with Kati
​                  Tuominen-Niittylä and Pekka Paikkari
            KoKo-dish for Arabia, together with Kati Tuominen-Niittylä
2004     ”Northern Latitude”- sculpture at Olympic Park and Ceramics
​                  and Sculpture, Athens
1993     Visiting teacher at University College of Arts, Crafts and Design
​                  (Konstfack), Stockholm

Arabia Art Department Society
Finnish Art Association
IAC International Academy for Ceramics

Finland’s state
Sweden’s state
City of Helsinki
Ulster Museum, Belfast, Ireland
Wayne State College, Minnesota, USA
Design Museum Helsinki
Gifu Museum, Japan
Saastamoinen Foundation

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